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Allied Homes

At Allied Homes we offer our residents with many social and recreational events such as movie/game night, music and dance programs, a writing workshop, and a current events discussion group. Additionally, our residents have group outings to the park for picnics, the theater or to sports events.

We provide all residents with different options of residential and community services that is a home away from home.

Group Homes

Each group home is staffed with counselors who work in shifts 24 hours a day/ seven days a week. The supervision that the counselors provide includes, but is not limited to, medication monitoring, assistance with activities of daily living, help with household chores, food shopping and preparation, transportation, and accompaniment to medical appointments. The counselor to resident ratio varies and is dependent on the needs of each home. In each house there is a senior counselor who works daily during the week and supervises all counselors within that house.

Each house serves 4 to 6 men or women, and some houses are co-ed. Most residents have their own bedroom and share a bathroom. Homes for individuals with mobility issues are wheelchair accessible.

Supported Living Unit (SLU)

SLUs are homes, apartments, and condominiums and distinguished from Group Homes in that there are 3 or fewer individuals that live together in residences that are managed by Allied Homes. SLU residential settings are offered in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

Counseling hours may be available 24 hours a day or, in some cases, there may be only morning and/or evening hours. SLUs follow the same licensing requirements for Group Homes.

Host Homes

The host home service enables the individual to rent a home within the community the dwell in and therefore oversee costs associated with room, board and maintenance. There are three or fewer individuals living together. Host Home services may be qualified for payment through DDA funding.

Allied Homes oversees the management of staff and counseling services. The amount of funded support services provided to each individual will generally extend to less than 24 hours a day. The hours of support and focus are determined by the needs of the individual and outlined in their Individualized Plan (IP). In some cases, the total supervision hours in the household can be coordinated to extend over a 24-hour period.

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